The IBM PC NFT Staking Roadmap

IBM PC NFT SERIES I Debut (August 12, 2021)

  • 40th Anniversary Set

  • 1565 premium collectible cards in the set

  • Three pack sizes

  • SERIES I card staking to begin Q4 2021


IBM PC NFT Sticker Pack Series Debut (August 28, 2021)

  •  “NFT Stickers,” access token for various VIP drops and blends

  • “SilverBacked PC Sticker,” an access token REQUIRED to stake individual stickers

  • “Googly Eye-Bee-M Sticker,” a super-collectible, 1-of-57

  • The IBM Model F ‘XT’ Keyboard Sticker (2X the power of a Standard PC Sticker)

  • STICKER staking to begin October 2021


IBM PC NFT SERIES I SilverBacked Access Token Drop (September 11, 2021)

  • Required for access to stake SERIES I cards in the SilverBacked pool

  • ONLY ONE token per account is required to stake SERIES I cards

  • FREE for anyone who purchases and opens a SERIES I pack before 1600 UTC, September 11.

  • PLUS it will unlock early access to STICKER staking and REWARDS! Stake and earn rewards before the crowds arrive!

  • Includes a VIP whitelisted drop to guarantee verified users an opportunity to buy

IBM PC NFT Staking Sticker Pack Drop (September 18, 2021)

  • PC Sticker and 16 possible upgrade stickers – ALL for staking!

  • Chance for an ultra-rare Black Edition PC (e.g. double rewards!)

  • Sold in three pack sizes:

  • Consumer (3 stickers) – 150 Available Packs

  • Business (6 stickers) – 115 Available Packs

  • Scientist (12 stickers) – 80 Available Packs


Once you start opening sticker packs, it’s time for you to assemble stickers into rigs for staking. While the SilverBacked sticker gets you access to stake individual stickers, you can 2X your earning power by collecting the stickers needed to build entire computer rigs.


  • EVERYONE can build and stake complete computer rigs, for 2X power.

  • ONE SilverBacked access token PER ACCOUNT in order to stake individual stickers.

  • Individually staked stickers (with SilverBacked access token) earn 1X power.

  • All rewards are real-world silver, powered by a SilverBacked pool.


Build rigs from the original SERIES I 40th Anniversary Set and earn MORE rewards even FASTER than the Sticker Series!


  • All SilverBacked reward holders can exchange their rewards directly for LD2 silver on WAX

  • Trade LD2 on Alcor, or take physical delivery!