40th Anniversary Set

The IBM PC NFT 40th Anniversary series is limited-edition, with cards in four varieties: PC “Color” Cards, Common Upgrades, Rare Upgrades, and Elite Upgrades. The original price of the IBM 5150 was $1565, so we have exactly 1565 NFTs are in this collection. Packs randomly generate cards based on statistical rules.

PC Cards

PC “Color” Cards each feature one of the 16 beautiful CGA colors. As the color palette progresses, so do the odds of getting that color, creating scarcity in the darker shades. The original IBM 5150 PC shipped with 64K of RAM, so it seemed fitting to use that number in the formula to generate the card counts (where n is the 1-based index of the color): Cards = FLOOR(n*6.4). You can quickly see how rare some colors are, from black’s statistic rarity equivalent of 1-of-6 NFTs to white’s 1-of-102.

1: Black = 1-of-6 9: Dark Gray = 1-of-57
2: Blue = 1-of-12 10: Light Blue = 1-of-64
3: Green = 1-of-19 11: Light Green = 1-of-70
4: Cyan = 1-of-25 12: Light Cyan = 1-of-76
5: Red = 1-of-32 13: Light Red = 1-of-83
6: Magenta = 1-of-38 14: Light Magenta = 1-of-89
7: Brown = 1-of-44 15: Yellow = 1-of-96
8: Light Gray = 1-of-51 16: White = 1-of-102

Common Upgrades

Once only available to PC users in the 1980s, these popular upgrades can now be in the hands of IBM PC NFT owners. In our set, however, the Common Upgrade cards are still somewhat rare. Eight Common Upgrades designs are available, each with a rarity equivalent of 1-of-64.

Rare Upgrades

At the time the original IBM PC came out, not everyone could justify some upgrades. While some were satisfied with low memory and floppy disks, power users were eager to add fixed disks and increase their RAM. Rare Upgrades come in four different variations with a rarity equivalent of 1-of-32.

Elite Upgrades

Only the most hardcore users, who understood what their machines were truly capable of, would employ Elite Upgrades to unlock the IBM PC’s potential. Our card series provides four such Elite Hacks, issued with a rarity equivalent of 1-of-12, the Elite Upgrade cards some of the most sought-after NFTs in the set.

Black Edition

On August 12, 1981, if you found yourself the proud owner of an IBM PC, you were distinguished among your peers. Most home computers at the time were Apple, TI/99 4A, Commodore, or Tandy… but IBM? Before then IBM only made expensive mainframes! To celebrate this eccentricity, serious collectors should look out for exceedingly rare “black-edition” cards. Trust us, you’ll know one when you see it!

The Birthday Card

Since we are celebrating the 40th birthday of the original IBM 5150 PC, we designed a special, one-of-a-kind birthday card. This unique card is not available in the packs but is only available through auction.