A Brief History of the IBM PC NFT Experience

Promo Poster Series

Just two short months ago, the IBM PC NFT Experience began dropping free promo posters, announcing the arrival of the original IBM PC on the WAX blockchain and AtomicHub. We created 16 poster variations to date, along with a handful of limited-edition bonus awards and challenges. Over the following months, we offered numerous blending opportunities for posters and bonus NFTs. We built value in our community and allowed members to participate.

The Anniversary Series

On Thursday, August 12, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the original IBM PC and released the SERIES I, 40th Anniversary Packs. As a high-end, limited-edition set, this premium set faithfully documents the IBM 5150 PC as released in 1981, along with historically accurate upgrades and accessories that first-time PC owners would have purchased at that time.

Since then, we have released redeemable tokens to blend for certain drops (much like the premier of IBM PC NFT Sticker Packs) and plan to use them more in the future.

The Sticker Series

On August 28, the IBM PC NFT Experience released its first-ever Sticker Pack series. This limited-edition set is more accessible to entry-level collectors and features artwork found in the SERIES I set. While the stickers add some 1980s fun and levity, they carry weight as collectibles in the marketplace.

Each of the following several weeks, we will continue to release stickers in the IBM PC NFT Sticker Pack Series. We do this to grow the collection and add more blending, stacking, and staking opportunities. This Sticker Pack Series, much like SERIES I, includes the IBM PC, adapter cards, and upgrades that assemble into one of four computing rig configurations: Office Rig, Gaming Rig, Developer Rig, and an elite SETI Rig.

Staking and SILVER Rewards

Once built into one of the computing rig configurations, owners can stake their NFTs to earn rewards. Following that, we will bring staking to the premium SERIES I assets, but with much more earning power!

So what does this staking look like, and what is this SilverBacked that shows on one of the stickers? It is simply a means to connect traditional NFT collections like ours to real, physical silver-backed cryptocurrency. Once in place, the IBM PC NFT Staking will exclusively utilize the LD2 silver-backed cryptocurrency (https://ld2coin.io) as the backing for all rewards. In short, owners stake their PC rigs to EARN REAL SILVER REWARDS. Talk about real-world value! Plus, because LD2 is fully redeemable, you can take physical delivery of your silver earnings or leave them on-chain as a true, asset-backed stablecoin.